Visualize Value

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I have always been a visual learner. Colours, graphics, photography, design, style, they have always been an interest of mine. That’s why I gravitated to Visualise Value (a community created by Jack Butcher) so much. Simple black backgrounds, a singular font, and a minimal design language all built into a brand that speaks for itself.

Visual Value has such a skill of articulating complex thoughts, through simple visuals, using a design framework. Simple black backgrounds a white accent colour and text. It feels like Visualize Value reduces a whole self-help book into a single easy to understand image.

Jack Butcher also reinforces the importance of “productising yourself” and how to “make yourself easy to sum up”, which has had an everlasting effect on the way I now work. Going forward I have decided to learn more about effective design communication - through my writing, visuals and personal ‘brand’.


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