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You may have heard of #ClutterCore, #GoblinCore, #FrogCore all the way to #CottageCore. #CoreCore, however, is not the same. The aesthetic of CoreCore is different, in that these videos are a form of visual poetry that is meant to evoke certain emotions. Imagine seemingly random clips edited together at various speeds as sombre music, deep fried sh*tposts and Tumblr-esque moments brought together to create a specific feeling.

"It’s too late there’s plastic in my blood."

CoreCore pinpoints both highly nostalgic and anxiety-inducing moments in a 'Dadaism' style. It’s an anti-TikTok, TikTok video that often highlights the issue with societal dread induced from doom-scrolling. It’s an Art school students first iMovie project created in a digestible way for the world to enjoy. Sounds awful right. It’s not all that bad. Essentially it's equivalent to the century long lasting art movements, but boiled down into 1 month old trend. It’s the current generation discovering themselves and the only way they have to express themselves is through the internet. That's healthy (as long as it's actually personally healthy). In the same way that Fjallraven Kanken backpack makes you feel like you're part of a particular group of people. Commenting in a CoreCore video or making your own video could make you feel like you belong.

@sebastianvalencia.mp4 Wake up. #corecore #nichetok ♬ original sound - Sebastian Valencia
Example video here

If one video can change the way you feel and pushes you into action (action doesn't need to be toxic, like the hustle culture 🤮). Rather, action as in becoming more of who you are. If that video stops you doom scrolling. Stops you scrolling while you are on the sh*tter. Stops whatever it is you're doing, and gets out back in the flow of your day... perfect. I personally feel this form of self expression is better than the *tiktok voice* '5 iPhone you didnt know about' and it's the 'art' movement that the internet needed.


It sounds ridiculous but can you actually get 37 times better? Its easier than you think. Continuous improvement is a dedication to making small changes and improvements every day. The Japanese call it Kaizen (改善) …
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