2021 began just as crazy as 2020 left, thanks to the rise of sea shanties. with the trend originating on tiktok,we wanted to celebrate the original creator creating this tv spot in just 4 days. 

we saw social media users such as sir andrew lloyd webber, gary barlow and nickelback + many others from around the globe harmonise to this folksy maritime songs like it was 1825.

rob de souza – nathan evans

on christmas nathan evans was a struggling 26-year-old musician who delivered mail by day in airdrie, scotland, a small town outside glasgow. he needed a job that would allow him time to practice and also help support him and his wife during their first year-plus of marriage. then, on december 27th, Evans posted a new tune on TikTok — an acappella version of “wellerman,” a sea shanty about whalers awaiting a resupply ship in the mid 1800s. (the real-life company that owned the boat was the Weller Brothers, hence the title.) now, less than a month later, he nabbed a three-album record deal.


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