The Tale of the Sea Shanty

A viral TikTok article from forbes

2021 began just as crazy as 2020 left us, thanks to the rise of sea shanties. With the trend originating from a solitary video by a postman on TikTok, we wanted to celebrate him as part of TikTok's existing #ItStartsonTikTok campaign. We saw social media users such as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Gary Barlow and even Nickelback + many others from around the globe harmonised to these folksy maritime songs like it was 1825.

The TV spot turned around in 4 days, received 4.6 billion hashtag impressions in-app and a VTR 239% above the benchmark. Featured In: The DrumAdageCampaignLBBOnline.

Social media examples from the Sea Shanty Campaign
Nathan Evans in a yellow hoodie with the words number 1 in the official charts.