50 Free Creative Ideas

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Here is a list of 50 50 Free Creative Ideas, some might be good some might be very bad. feel free to steal them, do what you want with them just a little bit of creative inspiration for you.

  1. An alarm clock that randomises music from your favourite Spotify playlists.
  2. An auto-reply message sent from phones when they receive a text from a phone out of battery.
  3. A credit card that unlocks with your fingerprint.
  4. A new search engine that’s made just for kids.
  5. A Chrome extension that auto-clicks the YouTube skip ad button.
  6. An app that plays your Spotify playlist when you are put on hold on the phone.
  7. An app that links your Kindle to Spotify so you get a soundtrack while you read.
  8. A Tinder-like matching site but for gamers to find teammates.
  9. An extension to Photoshop that searches for tutorials from what you’re creating.
  10. Deliveroo should add a feature where you can get books delivered from libraries.
  11. See-through face masks to help those who are hard of hearing to lip-read.
  12. Twitter should add a ‘Pay-wall’ tag to all links that require a membership to access.
  13. Cigarette butts should be compostable and contain plant seeds inside them.
  14. A Chrome extension that adds missing person adverts to your 404 pages.
  15. Tiny speaker attachments that you can call, to help you find lost items.
  16. Coat hangers that recognise when items of clothing haven’t been worn in a while.
  17. Investing funds like the SMP-500 that only focus on black-owned businesses.
  18. An app for your TV that locks and unlocks it at pre-set times of the day.
  19. An alarm clock that’s linked to your kettle so it’s boiled as soon as you wake up.
  20. Wireless charging driveway and parking areas for electric cars.
  21. A reminder app for knowing when to water plants
  22. A social media website that deletes old posts as time passes.
  23. An ad blocker that replaces spammy adverts with local businesses.
  24. A website that turns podcasts into transcripts for you to read.
  25. A website like Airbnb but specifically for hostels.
  26. When on the phone with the police you should be able to text them a message.
  27. An Uber service where they deliver a person that can drive you and your car home.
  28. A subscription service that combines all video streaming sites into one beautiful library.
  29. An addition to Google Maps that shows you the route with the cleanest air quality.
  30. Smart Yoga mats with screens on them that display routines for you to follow.
  31. Digital glasses that display subtitles for those who are hard of hearing.
  32. An app where you can sign up to walk other people's dogs.
  33. An app that gives you quizzes on the book you are reading to help you learn.
  34. A Kickstarter but for short filmmakers.
  35. An app that links your kindle to Spotify so you get a soundtrack while you read.
  36. A service where 4x4s can sign up and be called to rescue cars that are stuck.
  37. A digital version of the board game ‘Guess Who’ that imports your friends from Facebook.
  38. A recipe book that has QR codes on it and when scanned orders the ingredients for you.
  39. Kids duvets with scannable AR bedtime stories printed on them.
  40. A radio station built especially for dogs that are left alone in the day.
  41. Makeup that defends your skin from pollution.
  42. Vending machines in offices that sell wires, dongles, and USB’s.
  43. An update to Twitter that asks you to reconsider sending abusive or hateful tweets.
  44. A pen with a timer in it so you can track how long you have spent writing.
  45. A Chrome extension that blacks out spoilers on the internet.
  46. A waterproof notepad for when you think of something in the shower.
  47. A Pokémon Go-style game where you collect animal sightings for points.
  48. A smart fire alarm that orders new batteries when they run are almost out of juice.”
  49. Traffic lights where you can play games with the person on the other side of the road.
  50. Steal one of these ideas and make it your own.


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