we launched a brand new challenge - #DuetRoulette - to help find the best new music creators and artists out there, and pair major stars with next-generation talent in a series of tiktok LIVEs.

We were tasked with creating the show format, writing the segments and directing the livestream and everything else that comes with production

this challenge gave every tiktok creator an opportunity to duet with big artists on the platform such as ashnikkoto get involved tiktok creators would duet ash's video for a chance to feature in the final show live on air. during the show ashnikko was joined by a selection of his favourite duet creators, and with the luck of the roulette wheel, they had a chance to perform for her, live and direct.

It was a show you really didn't want to miss.

tiktok style waveform

 inviting the best duets to the sound to join ashnikko for duet roulette

here is a sneak peak at what went down behind-the-scenes, make sure to tune in to the next #duetroullette.


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